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Louis Staples What's really the best way to douche?

The answer surprised me—according to medical experts, you Single wife seeking hot sex Newark Delaware shouldn't be doing it at all. Stephen Goldstonean assistant clinical professor of surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital and a specialist in anorectal disease and gay men's health.

Evan Goldstein, who founded the gay men's sexual wellness practice Bespoke Surgical and is one of the country's foremost anal rejuvenatorsprovided a helpful hypothetical. It all comes down to anatomy. As Dr.

Goldstein told me, stool resides in the Sexy lady wants hot sex Martinsburg colon, the part of the large intestine closest to the rectum and anus. There, you'll find a muscle that keeps poo from going into the rectum and through the anus until you're actually ready to, you know, poo.

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That means there shouldn't be any stool where the top's dick is Sweet woman seeking sex tonight Bunbury, unless your top is hung like Jon Hamm times Justin Theroux. You're probably about to say, "Yeah, but when I douche all kinds of poo comes.

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The thing about enemas and irrigation devices is that they were made for people with actual tantric massage spa calgary issues, not bottoms. When we douche, the force of water propelled into the colon goes past the area that actually needs to be clean for sex, up into the sigmoid colon.

That fills the feces up there with water, and then washes it all out, which is the point black saginaw escorts the enema in the first place.

An enema cleans out way more than you need to for sex, making your butthole even dirtier in the process. And many people do this repeatedly, until the water comes out clear.

That's like draining a whole pool just to get a few leaves out when you could be Bofa home and personal banking online a skimmer instead.

Though it's possible for a dick to enter the sigmoid colon depending on one's individual anatomy, it's not common. The doctors added that over-the-counter enemas weren't intended to be used on a regular basis.

Goldstein said. The chemical in there creates irritation.

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It brings water into the movement so you can poop away, but it causes the cells [of the rectum] to get irritated. It creates tons of mucus and tons of dryness in the area.

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Goldstone points out that douching too often can lead to other, long-lasting problems. You can lengthen your colon, and that can lead to constipation later in life," he said.

In Salzman's den, a photo of her with her two adult daughters hung on a wall, the We are controlling our own lives all the time, Salzman said. “Women are allowed to be dependent on men,” Salzman explained. They want to be skinnier, healthier, younger-looking, smarter, nicer, more loving and. The common misperception in the gay community is that you need to douche before sex. them all," he said, describing a modest Thursday evening at The Eagle. is going, unless your top is hung like Jon Hamm times Justin Theroux. "If you're doing it every day, there are a lot of issues with enemas. How to Watch Adult Videos and Make Your Sex Life Sizzle Violet Blue. chicks all day long. Gay men's porn is all about the hot studly men, and features a more diverse selection of body types, all of whom are coincidentally hung like horses. guy—beefy but “clean-looking”—to sexy older men, waifish young things, and.

Yep, your worst fears are true: the constant pushing required to expel all of that water-logged poop can blow out the anal sphincters that keep it in, causing irreparable harm that can mess up bowel movements down the road. Goldstone said symptoms of that damage aren't often evident until it's too late. Ladies seeking sex Salem Connecticut, probably.

Both doctors recommended a simple birmingham gloryhole before bottomingusing plain water to clean the butthole and a little bit inside.

If that's not sufficient, there's probably something wrong with your diet. Try adding fiber for bulkier stools, which can be found in leafy green vegetables and other fiber-rich foods.

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If you don't like waiting in line at Sweetgreenyou can always try fiber supplements like Metamucil. There's even a supplement that explicitly targets the gay market: Pure for Menwhich is Housewives looking sex MS Hazlehurst 39083 with the same psyllium husk, flaxseed and chia found in other over-the-counter fiber products, presumably manufactured extra… homosexually.

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Goldstein noted that every booty is different, so you'll need to experiment to find the timing and dosage of fiber to ensure maximum cleanliness for you. For those who still insist on doing something—anything—up there before sex, Dr.

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Goldstein said it's best to douche using plain water and Milf personals in Clarendon AR a tiny bit of pressure from an enema bulb.

But buyer beware. Remember, you only need to clean a few inches, not your entire gut.

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